How It Works


Choose all your favorite products from our collections.


Receive your flowers 3-4 days before your Wedding Day!


Have fun and enjoy your Big Day with beautiful flowers of your choice!


Return the flowers 3-4 days after the Wedding, with labels provided by us.

Add all the items you like to your cart, make sure to check quantities you would need and proceed to check out! At check out you will be charged 10% from your order, as a shipping and return charge. You will be offered two options: Pay full balance. Pay 50% deposit from your payment, the other half will be charged at the day your order is being shipped.

We ship your order in time to make sure it arrives at least 3-4 days before your wedding day.

When you receive your flowers give them a good fluff! And enjoy your Wedding Day with perfectly looking flowers.

After the wedding make sure to pack all the flowers using the same boxes you received them in, with prepaid labels and drop them at your local UPS office.